Whether you're a current or prospective homeowner, you'll probably consider putting your house up for sale at some point down the road. And if you do currently own a home in Victoria, you may have noticed your property value increase drastically over the past few years—in which case the thought of selling has probably crossed your mind.

Whether you're interested in selling your home now or in the future, it can be a tough decision to make. Not only will you need to go through the process of listing your home for sale, you'll also need to enlist the help of a reliable real estate agent, find a new home to move into, pack up all your things, and go through the process of closing out your current mortgage and taking on a new one.

But before...

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Whether a first-time home-buyer or a current home-owner, it can be a difficult process figuring out the how's, when's, and why's of purchasing a new home. Here are a few quick resources to help get you thinking about the process.

1. Search Available Listings

Sure, there are thousands of other things to consider before you actually start looking for a home to purchase. But there's never any harm in just looking, and doing so does have its advantages.

a) You'll get to know the market.

Do you have a specific type of home in mind? Are you at the options available in your area? By looking at current listings, you can get a better idea of what the current market looks like and what to expect once you do decide to start working with a realtor. Too often,...

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It is the wish of every citizen in Victoria BC to have a private home. A private property where no rent bills count every month. Buying a home in Victoria BC becomes more exciting year after year.  If you are one of those people living in Greater Victoria who pays rent each month and plans on buying a home, then you can never go wrong by doing so in Victoria. Although the purchase of a home seems like a daunting task, all you need to do is set achievable goals, research well and take advantage of available opportunities in the Victoria Real Estate market.  Here are a few tips for first-time home buyers:


Government first-time buyer program

B.C Government launched a Home Owner Mortgage and Equity (HOME) Partnership program on January...

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*** We are currently looking for development properties in the Victoria area. If you would like to come in and discuss your opportunity please give us a call***


According to reports from Christie’s International Real Estate, Toronto and Victoria, B.C are the hottest markets globally for a suburb. One of the main reasons why investors are going for Canada is due to its political and economic stability, and Victoria B.C provides a serene environment for real estate investment. Financial analysts say that over the past few years a perfect storm for home sellers has been forming in Victoria B.C. This can be attributed to low-interest rates, favorable prices and interest from many buyers. The average price of houses in Victoria B.C is...

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Summer presents us with an opportunity to relax and unwind under the best weather. And there is no better way to enjoy the summer period than to be in your own property. Owning a lake property is arguably one of the best options that will certainly enhance your summer experience. In addition, it is best that you ensure that you find the ideal property that will satisfy your requirements.


Purchasing real estate properties such as lake properties can at times prove to be very daunting task. In addition, there are numerous real estate agents selling lake houses in Victoria, BC thus making it hard for the buyer to make an informed choice. Fortunately, you can still find that lake property that will give you that lake view that you have always...

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