The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation recently released an updated market outlook for Fall 2017, and if you’ve been paying attention to the market at all, their findings will not surprise you! Here are the 7 main takeaways:

1. Additional inventory is needed in order to balance Victoria’s housing market. Despite a high level of construction activity, there haven’t been many completed housing units since demand soared last year. With several thousand completed units expected in 2018 and 2019, these added listings should help to restore some market balance. Even so, demand will remain high and housing prices are unlikely to decline.


Big House

Wanted: more listings in Victoria! Source: Flickr

2. With thousands of rental units...

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Whether you're a current or prospective homeowner, you'll probably consider putting your house up for sale at some point down the road. And if you do currently own a home in Victoria, you may have noticed your property value increase drastically over the past few years—in which case the thought of selling has probably crossed your mind.

Whether you're interested in selling your home now or in the future, it can be a tough decision to make. Not only will you need to go through the process of listing your home for sale, you'll also need to enlist the help of a reliable real estate agent, find a new home to move into, pack up all your things, and go through the process of closing out your current mortgage and taking on a new one.

But before...

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We are currently looking for development properties in the Victoria area. If you would like to meet and discuss your opportunity please give us a call.

According to reports from Christie’s International Real Estate, both Toronto and Victoria are among the hottest housing markets in the world. Part of the reason investors are flocking to Canada is for its modern political climate and economic stability—and the relative serenity of Victoria provides for an ideal investment opportunity.

Financial analysts have been saying for years that a perfect storm for home sellers has been brewing here in Victoria, BC. This can be attributed to a combination of low interest rates, favorable prices, and a deep interest from potential buyers. And...

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The current real estate market in Victoria can be frustrating at times, for both buyers and agents alike. Agents are noticing that there’s a severe lack of inventory available and, when potential buyers do find a home that suits their needs, oftentimes there are several other interested buyers all vying for the same opportunity. Maybe that’s a good problem for home sellers to have, but it’s not good if you’re a homebuyer being shut-out of a competitive market.

So, if you’re looking to purchase a home in the Victoria market in the near future, where do you even get started? Well, focus on three key things:

1. Start doing your research early. Have a look through the Victoria MLS Listings in order to get a good idea...

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There are plenty of good reasons why someone might decide to move to Victoria, BC. Often it’s the simple desire to enjoy the benefits that come along with living in the city of Victoria, which offers a quality of life that’s hard to match anywhere else in the world.

It begins with the most basic of comfort issues: climate. The Greater Victoria area enjoys, in most people’s opinions, the best climate in Canada. According to the Köppen climate classification, Victoria rests at the northernmost limits of the cool, dry-summer subtropical zone (Csb), and enjoys a Mediterranean-like climate because of its unusually dry summers. The Victoria Gonzales weather station reports daily temperatures reaching over 30 °C on average...

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